Wednesday, November 30, 2011


everyday darkness by kristin~mainemomma
everyday darkness, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

yesterday i woke with a headache that persisted all day. on a day that there was no time to tend to it. school volunteering, family visit, yummy dinner to cook, kids to tend to... so i plugged on trying to ignore the pain in my head and eyes... by the end of the evening i was fully spent. my eyes felt so swollen but still i could not get sleep to come. i knew it held my relief.

today i woke after kids and hubby graciously let me sleep in but then i woke in a fog realizing i had another appt to help at school this morning. had to jump up hit the ground running literally.

so now i am home. my eyes are still a bit sore. it is the last day of november. the last day of open habit. how i have loved contributing there this month. there is still no snow outside my window. today the sun shines for the first time in days, it is a balmy 57 degrees. i rode home from school with my windows open , no winter coat on, i stopped for a minute to see the ocean. got out and walked the sand in my bare feet. the sand was cold.
tomorrow we welcome in a new month. december already. seems impossible to me, but here it is.
goodbye november... xo


barb said...

loved seeing you at habit this month! i can't believe how quickly december came and how much i want to get done before christmas. hope your day goes better today.

lapdogknits said...

I love you "habit" photos...
your home looks - warm, your words - kind.
Wondering? What does one do when "winterizing the car".
Here in Southern California we just wash them all year long...
you live in a very beautiful place, thank you for sharing.

enjoy the day.

Jasmine said...

It does seem impossible, doesn't it? I am slightly overwhelmed at having Christmas so close, yet again! Those jars are lovely…