Sunday, November 27, 2011


smile by kristin~mainemomma
smile, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

our littlest one is growing up. no denying it. she is tiny in size, so her age and her abilities can surprise you some days.. this holiday break she crossed 2 big firsts off her growing up to-do list. on thanksgiving day she lost her very first wiggly tooth. exciting! (now yes you can clearly see she has 2 missing teeth, but that top one we don't really count since it did not come out the "normal way". she fell at age one and broke that tooth in half, and later had to have the broken part pulled by a dentist. so this was the first one to get wiggly all on its own. of course the tooth fairy came to call that night and left her 2 shiny quarters. she woke the next day and forgot to even look under her pillow. she came out bleary eyed and kellen asked her if the tooth fairy came. the look on her face was priceless as she spun around and ran back to her bed and lifted her pillow to reveal the treasures. (so fun!) then on Saturday she attended her very first school friend birthday party. there were cupcakes with pink frosting, a pinata which she got to take a swing at, and a goody bag full of lollies and bubblegum. score!

being the "baby", or the last to do everything, can really be difficult on her some days. she has waited to do so many of these things she sees her brother do before her. it is fun to see her having her time now. she is soaking it all up. as are we.. but it did occur to me she is the last.. and these are the last of the firsts... i know we still have many more firsts to come, but just realizing this fact is a little bit sad on my momma heart. plus 5 and 7 are really fun. i am really loving the stages they are both in right now. i want to slow it down and savor it.


sarah jean, said...

such a big wonderful week over there for little C! i hear ya on wanting to slow it all down and savor. since we can't slow them down, we'll just keep being intentional to slow life down enough so we can savor. xo

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

What a great photo!! The look on her face is the epitome of happiness!! We're going thru the same thing here with the "last firsts." Our daughter is only 18 months so we have a bunch of them to look forward to but it is kind of bittersweet knowing that she's the last of the bunch. She has three big brothers so they're technically "first last firsts" !!! LOL!! : )

~ Wendy