Saturday, December 10, 2011

doing the dip!!!!

it is that time once more. new years is fast approaching. and we all know what happens on new years day in my town.... THE LOBSTER DIP! the motto is "freezin' for a reason" i love that. yes we dippers gather on the beach here in Maine on New Year's Day at noon and take a dip into the very cold Atlantic Ocean all donations we gather go to The Special Olympics of Maine.

last year with all your help and support I raised a total of $900.00 for the Special Olympics. crazy great number! this year i have upped my goal to $1000.00. Please help me raise this amazing amount. every single dollar helps. please give and help me take the very cold plunge once more!

click here to go straight to my personal fund raising page.

21 days and counting til the dip!
thank you so very much.
Kristin (lobster dipper)


Andrea said...

Brrr! But what a great fundraiser!

liza said...

Wow!!! I'm such a wimp about dipping into cold water...I'm such a Floridian. I love this fundraiser idea.

Suki said...

you are so brave and so awesome for doing this.
Love this.

sarah jean, said...

you are awesome!
go kristin! what a great cause & fun event! cold, but exhilarating!