Friday, December 16, 2011

hello friday and a winner! {yay!!!}

well after clicking the magic random number generator.... (drumroll....) the winner of the $50.00 Paper Coterie giveaway is #19. the 19th commenter was "Texas Transplant", Lauren Lindley! Congrats Lauren. Thank you for stopping by yesterday and leaving your comment. (please email me so I can get you your winning code) have fun creating!
Speaking of, I just received the last of the calendars I made through Paper Coterie last night. Every year I make calendars as gifts for all our family. A great gift for anyone I think, but especially nice for us since we live far away from ALL our blood relatives. This is a nice way to share photos of the kids from this past year with them. I am very impressed by the paper quality of the items I ordered. Heavy and matte, with such a nice feel to them. I made 2 totally different styles and love them both. I hope the family love them as well. Plus I may be biased, but the kids in the pictures are darn cute too. ;)
AND i am very happy to announce that yesterday, i followed through on my mission. i made my list. i went out and bought a new address book. i have had the same address book for years and then 2 little ones on top of that, so i can never ever find an address i am looking for and when i began my "official" address book years ago i wrote in pen. not very smart of me... people move, A LOT, it seems from my book. crossed out scribbled over, yes a total mess. Now i condensed all 3 into one, in pencil this time, and then after i finished that project, i actually got my cards done too! WOOT! 9 progress and hand cramp) and then with the last of my calendars arriving at my door last night, i gift wrapped those and will deliver ALL to the post office today to begin their journeys to all our family and friends.

any fun plans for your weekend?
tonight we have a potluck holiday party to attend. i LOVE a pot luck.
and tomorrow some good friends are joining us for food and cookie making. i am so excited for all of it. speaking of cookies look at this face i found in my flickr stream from 2 years ago. i remember this very day just by looking at the photo. we had just visited our dentist, he did awesome, our dentist just happens to be side by side with a bakery, (LOL funny huh?) so as a treat i let him go in and choose 1 thing. anything he wanted. he chose that gingerbread cookie. i remember getting him all strapped into his car seat, i turned around to see him holding that big cookie in his little hands and took his picture. he is growing up so fast. photos like this one make my mama heart ache a little. sigh.

happy friday everyone!


DebbieInGeorgia said...

have to say he is getting so big since when I first started talking to you AND LOVE your new header,,so warm and loving

Texas Transplant said...

Wooohoo! Thank you thank you! Super excited!!