Thursday, April 12, 2012

got chips?

got chips? by kristin~mainemomma
got chips?, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

so not cool.
do over please.
grocery bag F A I L.

hubby made me laugh, he said, "why that bag?!? why not the bag with the shampoo and brussel sprouts?"


bekkah said...

well, at least it happened outside :\

Meryl said... sad. (But now I'm hungry for salsa.)

beth lehman said...

is it wrong that i might consider dipping a chip in there?? it is so wrong that that's what fell... it could have been produce or milk... but salsa and queso????? salivating, here!

merlin said...

That is the million dollar question "why that bag?"

How often I find myself in a similar predicament, wondering why this, not that?.....

Anybody willing to speculate?
Because, dear universe, really, I do not need the lesson.

urban muser said...

eek. sorry to see that mess!

pencilfox said...

oh HAHha....great colours together....

Corinna said...

LOVE this picture. But damn, that's tragic.

sarah jean, said...

i surely would have cursed. and loud.

nice you and hubby found humor. it's moments like this i put the words i did on our door this week "choose to look on the bright side"

like bekkah said, at least it happened outside.