Thursday, May 31, 2012

tilt ~ summer is served!

summer loving is popping up ALL OVER flickr these days...
and just this very morning the sun is out and my windows are ALL OPEN (awesome) and my ceiling fans are on. fresh air swirling all around me, and not the usual cold damp morning air, today really feels like it will be a warm one. kids were thrilled to wake up, throw on shorts and head out the door. school in the end of may is SO much better in the sun. (heck what day isn't?) yesterday i started to pack up our house... yes we are moving. i do not like packing at all. it makes me uncomfortable to sit in stripped down stark environment. i like COLOR and photos and wall art. right now there are nails (lots of them) and gray dust lines where the frames once hung. as soon as i pulled the stuff from the walls it felt weird in here. it doesn't feel like home anymore, now it is a house... a house that we filled for the past 5 years. lots happened in this house, lots of living. now i just want to get on with the business of nesting in our new home. the next full week of waiting for that to actual be a reality is going to make me a little more crazier than usual, and probably grumpier too.

so this morning i will close my eyes to those bare dusty walls around me and try to focus on the summery air. breathe it in deep. tomorrow we have first friday in Portland, i hope it is as nice as today. that would be awesome!

happy thrusday everyone.
hope you are getting some summer loving today too.

3 more weeks of school for my kids then it will truly be official.

i am over at shutter sisters today wrapping up may's one word, discovery.... join me?


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