Wednesday, May 30, 2012

now you :: summer session

now you : us by kristin~mainemomma
now you : us, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
Meredith Winn and I are happy to announce a second offering of
 Now You :: The Beginning
Registration opens next Monday, June 4th.
Limited class space available, so don't miss out!

Now You :: The Beginning Summer Session is a 6 week self portraiture e-course designed to get YOU into your frame. The course begins Monday, July 9th and ends on Friday, August 17th.

We are just now wrapping up the very first session (Spring) of this very course and let me tell you it has been an amazing journey!
Brave beautiful women those ladies are.
Thank you Spring class. You are the first, the pioneers now you. what an honor it has been.


Tamara said...

what an amazing experience. i want to shout from mountain tops "TAKE THIS CLASS...IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"

thank you...thank you...thank you.

pencilfox said...

i learned so much:
capturing my own image.
capturing love for myself.

this course is a MUST.