Monday, June 18, 2012

hand in hand

168 by kristin~mainemomma
168, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
they entered the same way back in September.
wow did that go fast!
they entered as a brand new kindergartner and a seasoned 2nd grader. he the shy reserved one. his art chosen a second time to be framed and hung in the halls of this very school for all time.
she the bubbly ready to take on the world one. the one whose brain exploded into literacy this year. she eats books for breakfast i swear.
when they entered in sept she could barely support the weight of her huge hello kitty backpack. by the looks of things i say her brain was not the only thing that grew a lot. look at those legs! (geesh!)
i love that they do this together. they are friends and teamers. they hold hands and look out for one another.
they make me so very proud every single day, but today we had to say our goodbyes to this little school that treated us so very well and hear words of sadness and how special they are and how much they will be missed in the halls next year and the years after that. that gave me a huge lump in my throat and i had to choke back tears more than once this afternoon.

today they came home all smiles tinged with sadness for the friends and teachers they will miss.
how i hope they remember these days when they are older. these are good days.

i think we need a summer manifesto.
that will be a wonderful family project to work on.


Katie said...

friends and that!

Jakki said...

What a blessing for you AND for them. When you have two that are like this...its like being born to be a best friend.