Tuesday, June 12, 2012


162 by kristin~mainemomma
162, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
settling in.
making it ours.
adding some new (to us) thrifted touches.
today i woke with a headache. that is never any fun or fair is it? but i got on with it and my head cleared. i got to make colorful lanterns with the 2nd graders today, just like we made in the book. i got rid of and gained a few things at the consignment store (ebb and flow). the old place is pretty darn spotless if i do say so myself. checking things off that long to do list i had. tomorrow i have a free day. part of me wants to paint, part of me wants to relax. which part will win?
i am finding my way around our new much smaller kitchen. i am even liking washing the dishes by hand (for now). hubby brought up our thanksgiving feast and the dishes that makes...oh my.  that may take some creative planning this year for sure. i look forward to slowing down soon and getting to know our new hood much better. maybe some evening walks... and a new book to read. perhaps the farmers market this weekend. yes....
speaking of summer rhythms, registration is filling up for the summer session of NOWYOU : The Beginning.   Class begins July 9th. I am so excited to see who will be joining the journey this season.

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Jill said...

As a woman without a dish washer, you get used to it. But Thanksgiving sucks ass . . . just set up a plan to wash the dishes as soon as you use them at holidays and you're set. Glad everything is settling in for you!