Monday, August 20, 2012

home and a winner!

yesterday we packed up
gave hugs and kisses
and hit the road north, destination, home.
the drive down, even split up, was a long one.  lots of traffic.  my hands gripping the wheel more than once wishing i could click my heels and wish us to our destination. if only...
our trip was full.  so full.
we hopped homes and beds and ate and laughed and played.  saw tons of faraway family and a few dear friends. it is never long enough. i even forgot to get myself a sandwich at v&s, my most fave little sandwich shop. 6 years later i still dream and talk about v&s sandwiches, but that's what happens when you are so busy with more important things than sandwiches,  even sandwiches of your dreams.  :)
our trip home was swift (i do believe record time)
we were welcomed home by my hubby who had been busy all day baking us his homemade bread and making a batch of chili to fill our bellies. i could smell the goodness as we climbed the steps to our apt. i am a lucky girl.
it is always good to visit, but oh so sweet to be home.
and casey who had the wiggliest tooth all week on our roadtrip, 3 people tried to pull it out for her to no avail,  came home opened her mouth and her daddy plucked it right out.  i think she (and that tooth) were waiting to be home for the big event. the tooth fairy visited last night and left 2 shiny quarters in exchange for her tooth.
and now to the business of the giveaway.

the copy of "Elevate The Everyday" goes to commenter # 6,
NessieNoodle!   WEEEE!
I happen to know Vanessa just moved into her new home with her little family of 4. That makes sending this new book her way a little extra special,  a housewarming gift of sorts.
Congrats Vanessa!
Your book (and a few little Maine surprises)  will be headed your way.

Thank you to all who entered.
Do check out the book in your local bookstores.  It is a beautiful book, full of tips inspiration and stories on how to capture that beauty of your everyday, especially for us mommas.

happy monday everyone!
it's good to be home.


Vanessa/NessieNoodle said...

I am so excited. Thank you AGAIN! for doing a giveaway- I can't wait to crack open that book, it will be extra special since I won it from you.


beth lehman said...

glad you are back... you were missed even though were around, kinda! so fun that nessienoodle won!! yippee! i'm glad my birthday is coming up, b/c i'm asking for this!