Saturday, September 01, 2012

hello september

well it is here.  the calendar flip. a brand new month.  a bittersweet change,  the end of summer is upon us, school is so very near...  (exhale) hello september.  i am not particularly happy to see you if i am to be honest. summer was grand. we were gifted so many warm sunny summer days here this year.  almost every weekend we trekked to the beach.  kellen became quite good at body surfing this year.  no fear.  casey was gathering more and more confidence on the boogie board this month. it was the summer of corn on the cob and cheeseburgers.  lots of fresh tomatoes. salads, salads and more salads.  we moved, got settled in. went to an epic summer concert. road tripped south. the kids lived in their undies and pretty much nothing else all summer long, unless it was a swimming suit.  they both learned to hoop this summer and now they are naturals at it.  even i hooped!  at age 40! so you CAN teach an old girl new tricks,  i am proof. 

so you see september,  i will welcome you, but i am not so jolly to see you.  i would love to flip back to july and do it all over again.  alas i cannot.

hello september.
be gentle with us please...  we are just not quite ready...


i am excited to be sharing with a group of lovely women at habit this month.

also, today begins a brand new month of prompts at shutter sisters, with a new "forever" hashtag, #shuttersisters
join us and play along.
this morning's prompt, breakfast.
here is mine...  what did you have?  xo

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