Tuesday, September 04, 2012

squeezing it ALL in

last week my hubby came home announcing he'd taken an extra day off to extend our labor day weekend.  we instantly began plotting and planning.  bouncing one grand idea to the next off of each other.  searching the web for room rates, places to go, things to do, almost felt like a bit of a frenzy.  no place felt right.  we took it as a sign and decided to stay here, home, and fill our 4 days with little things. i think we did pretty darn great.
saturday we went to a local baseball game. our home team was playing our old home team.  kids had baseball hats for both. totally fun. we ate ballpark hot dogs of course.
the next day we took a walk around the cove and decided right then and there we would not go home and cook dinner.  nope. instead we would drive the kids to Friendly's and hand them the ice cream menu and tell them they could have any sundae they wanted... for dinner! that might possibly be the best thing we have done in a very long time.  so simple, yet it was like the kids had won the lottery of happiness!  and it was pretty fab for us too. i had a whole banana split all to myself!  ok, i did share a bite with each of my little ones, since they had never even seen a banana split before.  we loved that so much we have declared it our new labor day tradition from now on.  then we went home and watched ET on dvd from the library.  the kids camped out on the living room floor all night. ET was so sweet!  i had forgotten how sweet.
day 3 we took a pizza to the beach and ate dinner on the sand.  kellen took a dip in one very cold ocean. i emptied out our change mug and we took all the quarters we could find and played games at the arcade to end the night. 
day 4 was rainy and a bit chilly,  kellen got to play video games with his daddy and casey and i went to exchange something and she picked out some fun new things for school.

a super fabulous 4 days together. a great end to this beautiful summer. i am actually really happy that we wound up scrapping all the "fancy" plans and hung here. it was really all meant to be just as it was.

we are even a bit excited about sept now too, since most tourism dies down,  we can go camping at our fave lake and have it practically to ourselves.

school open house and bbq (in the rain) tonight.  i can't wait to meet their new teachers and see their new classrooms!
then thursday, school.  S C H O O L.  (gulp) 


beth lehman said...

a two day week!! now that is the perfect way to start the year! we had a fabulous weekend camping by the river, letting the kids run, swim, eat and sleep like feral animals.

Michele H. said...

everything about this is wonderful! love the spontaneous decision to have ice cream for dinner...one of our favorites:)

wishing you and the kids an amazing first school day!

Jakki said...

That photo...that sums your Labor Day holiday weekend in one fell swope! Just sheer happiness, joy and total exhilliration! LOVE IT!