Wednesday, September 26, 2012

summer's last breath

did you ever have a day when the sky seems so blue it almost feels unreal? yesterday the sky was that blue. i feel myself noticing the light more these days. the change in seasons does that to me. the days shorten, the light lessens, i want to hold onto it, bottle it up for those oh so dark february days. no amount of vitamin d supplements can fill the void that that darkness brings. for now i stop and take notice.  i look skyward at these glorious yellow giants before me and click. some still growing upward, reaching, seeking the light just like me...where others have had their fill and now rest their heavy heads awaiting winter's final rest. soon, but not just yet... i think the explosion of autumn's color is near now.  i feel a bit lost on where to wander and where to shoot here in this new place.  living in one place for the past 5 years,  i knew which trees turned what color. i had my favorite spots. it was predictable in a good kind of way.  right now i feel a bit lost in my new surroundings.  still familiar, but different all at once. i think maybe i need to get outside more and wander. i need to find my new favorite trees. for they are here...  i just need to go find them.

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Danielle said...

These photos are so vibrant. Just beautiful. I agree with what you wrote. Even here in Florida there a 'feeling' in the air, in the shadows, in the light...even the sky....I love the cloudless bright blue days of autumn..even here in Florida.