Sunday, October 14, 2012

sunday story

lately our fall has been wet and grey, with more wet and grey... a day of sunshine sprinkled in for sanity every now and then. today was back to the wet and grey.  it is sunday, a day of no agenda. we like those days. i did get out of my pj's. took a little walk in search of more seeds for kellen's project. it was sprinkling rain, not soaking. we made some savory soup for lunch with these gorgonzola crackers (thank you trader joes) i noticed that the color of my soup was outside on the ground in the fallen leaves across the street, and also on my body in form of my new to me thrifted sweater.
i like when my images are connected by a common thread.  helps tell a story don't you think?
what colors are you noticing these days?


Jakki said...

We are getting more of the color of fall insted of the bleak of fall LOL and I love it. I'm also loving your soup and crackers...delish

Anonymous said...

You have a really good eye for things like that, matching soup to fallen leaves. Not many people can link the two so beautifully.

sarah jean, said...

green green and more green with some blue of the sea & grey of the sky & orange of the butterfly.

autumn is so different here.
i appreciate the images & words you share for sinking into an old familiar.

rose jan said...

Yummy soup. It makes my mouth watering already. Well, One thing I only noticed? A delicious drink.

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