Wednesday, October 24, 2012

not in maine anymore...

cali by kristin~mainemomma
cali, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.

palm trees
the bluest skies. clouds? haven't seen many.
desert mountains that seem to rise out of nowhere and look like something from mars.
this is where i am.
palm springs california.
on an amazing trip with a group of wonderful women photographers.
home in a few days.
SO much to share with everyone when i get there.
seems someone forgot to pack there cord to upload any of their photos.. (yes me)
so until then, here are some palm trees. palm trees are awesome! and surreal. :)



beth lehman said...

it's been fun to watch your doings with ig and i hope even more relaxing to be without the cord!! so glad you have had this unique experience! i look forward to hearing more about it...!

sarah jean, said...

enjoy the rest of your visit!

tracie said...

I have LOVED seeing little glimpses of your days here in California via IG mostly. It's so cool!! You are so close and it's crazy how close you are, I mean way more close than usual so wow. You are here in my state! Tracie (red)