Wednesday, December 05, 2012


ACE by kristin~mainemomma
ACE, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
i shot this at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs in Oct.. finally getting around to scanning them and showing some proper love.

The Ace was full of vintage awesomeness. That sign, LOVE IT!

At the Ace I finally had the chance to meet one of my long time online crushes, Andrea, the one and only girlhula. I have been a not so secret admirer of Andrea for years. Her photography, her writing, her lovely lists... yes yes yes... she always exuded a special something and i often wondered if i'd ever get the chance to meet her in person... she finds her home in the far northwest and i here on the northern east coast, but indeed it has been a wish of mine. "one day" i hoped.. and well wishes DO come true. Andrea joined the Shutter Sister team a year ago and i was beyond giddy knowing how much love and inspiration she would bring to SS but also hoping that perhaps my wish might now somehow come true to meet her in person. in oct that chance all came full circle and there she was at SS Oasis and all i wanted to do was hug her, but not too much so that i'd creep her out in a scary stalker kind of way.. :) because truly i was feeling like i could hug her that much.

she was more amazing in real life that i had built her up in my mind to be. she was so genuine and loving and kind and fun. one night when we ate out on our own she, meredith and i wound up at the King's Highway Diner together sharing a booth and some YUMMY fries! and to our utter amusement it was "Sissy Bingo" night! I cannot fully explain what sissy bingo was, lets say it is something you have to be there for to fully appreciate, but we were in love.

later i got to sit with Andrea at her instant photography learn along where she had cameras, advice, and lots of film for us to play with. huge thank you to the Impossible Project who hooked her, and in turn all of us, up! i brought 2 of my polaroid cameras along. i had one pack of IP gold frame color shade in one and then loaded the other up with the new and improved color film and got to play. it was so freeing and fun to have a reason to shoot those cameras and that film, and along side one of the masters at it all. pinch me! (no wait don't... i like this dream)

Later a few of us hit a sweet little thrift shop, Dazzles, in Palm Springs where we each bought a sweet enamel ring to remind us of our time together. And then right before heading out the door at The Ace, the 3 of us squeezed ourselves into the photobooth for 3 strips! again a dream.. a very very very good dream.

join me at SS today where the one word prompt is "sign" which prompted me to pull out this pola from my trip and get it scanned, which then led to this rambling love fest. see how my crazy mind works? yep.

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