Friday, December 07, 2012


341 by kristin~mainemomma
341, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
"we've got spirit yes we do!"
"we've got spirit how 'bout you?!?!"

yeah this is ringing loud and clear in my head.
my spirit seems to have gone missing.
not theirs. oh no. they are READY! they have written their lists. stamped and addressed to old st nick. (i save them and keep them in their journals. shhhhhhh.) they found their santa hats in a box and are wearing them pretty much 24/7 now. last weekend "santa" drove by us on our walk to the library. mysteriously he was not in a sleigh but in a black suv. weird. but merry as ever he rolled down his window and yelled HO! HO! HO! to the kids. yeah, they loved it. now, since they have their hats, they would like to do the same. roll down our windows and drive the streets yelling HO! HO! HO! to unsuspecting strangers. it is a bit chilly to be doing this here, but of course i said yes.  so back to this spirit thing, or MY spirit thing.... i am SO lucky they still wholeheartedly embrace the magic of this holiday.  that of COURSE santa is REAL!!!   i need to get off my grinchy butt and join them. this weekend will be the weekend to infuse us all with a big dose of holiday spirit.

on the list:
  • walk in our little city to see the "big" tree
  • gingerbread house making
  • tree cutting and decorating (casey's year to put the star on top. they take turns. good thing i take a lot of pictures so we can remember whose turn it is.)
  • cinnamon spice ornaments. we need a new batch.
  • card writing.
  • some holiday tunes. stevie (mr wonder) and vince guaraldi (charlie brown christmas) are a must.
  • maybe a first viewing of The Polar Express this year...  

happy friday.
are you all in the spirit already?


Ani said...

I think this year is the quickest year on record. It flew by and even though Thanksgiving was early, giving more time for holiday spirit to fill me, I still don't feel ready. "Slow down! Give me time!" I want to yell. This weekend we are dressing up, going out to dinner, followed by the Nutcracker. Sunday will gingerbread house decorating. If I'm not in the spirit by then, well...we won't answer that!

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping their spirit rubs off on little old me. Have not decorated, have not done cards so and and so on...however I think this post may just motivate me to get down some boxes today. Thank you and your dear little ones. xo Tracie

Imene said...

I haven't felt the spirit yet but I plan to start tomorrow thanks to your list that gave me lots of ideas. Last year I didn't get my act together and before I could see Hello the holidays were over.
I will start soaking every bit of it.
Thank you for the reminder

Cathy said...

This melts my heart.