Monday, January 28, 2013


last week sucked.
no dancing around it.
freezing cold. many days below zero.
sick house.
coughs, rashes, boo-boos, headaches, fevers.
ridiculous, truly.
mean nasty germs.
relentless germs.
with all of that there was no outdoor time.
so lots of this has been happening...
they read together. out loud. alone. side by side. it is such a beautiful thing. kellen struggled to get to this point and now to see him reading so much makes my heart so happy for him.  casey has been devouring books for over a year, so now that they can share this love of books, read together or to each other, it is magic. our little local library is one of most fave stops each week.  sometimes more than once a week.

even i have been stealing moments and sun patches, cuddling under warm covers whenever possible, taking time to read.

their faves right now;
big nate
ivy & bean

i finished the sisters from hardscrabble bay and swamplandia!

what are you reading right now?


DebbieInGeorgia said...

my stupid biology book hahahaha
im struggling.. but have tons of good ones to read,just cant get to it with bio and health this semester .. I love seeing your photos tho of your little ones,,reminds me of mine when they were young. Little library on the side of a mountain ,,was a 20 min drive down the moutain and a weekly thrill for them both. They could get as many books as they could carry. Was funny to see them try to carry 40 books. They will never lose their passion for reading. hope the germs LEAVE you all along~!!!!@! enough germs,,stop being mean to my friends,,go away!!!!

P├ętra said...

I am reading Half-Blood Blues so far I'm loving it. My son and daughter are the same. They love to read and read together.
My youngest (8) is reading the Warrior series and my 12 year old is reading Sherlock Holms.
I hope all the germs are gone and it heats up a little for you guys.

Anonymous said...

You all make looking sick look kind of good. :) Abbie LOVES Ivy and Bean, I found them at Target but when I went back they were gone. She has only read the first one and wants to read more. I should go on line and order her them. I hope February is a month of complete wellness for you all.

Ani said...

I like to read several things at once. One, War and Peace which will take me oh...probably a year to finish! Two,Dearie, a new bio of Julia Child (my hero!). Three, Beautiful Days which is a YA series that takes place in the 20's--fluff, but fun.

I need to get Swamplandia! on my list. Did you like it?

Karen Karnes said...

What a great post! I love to read - but it comes in spurts - several in a row and then weeks/months of book-drought. I don't have any little ones, but if I did, I'd want them doing what yours do. What a great way to bond! I just finished Gone Girl - ending was such a disappointment to me. Currently reading Breaking Night, which reminds me a little of The Glass Castle - one of my all time favs.

kollene carlsson said...

so so sweet! so cozy! we are reading the Seven Year Wonder Book... LOVVE it so! our little girl is turning 7 soon and reading it to her and watching her imagination run wild is so fun! our youngest listens too and falls asleep.... reading is so amazing don'tcha think!