Tuesday, January 22, 2013


"snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things,
but just look what they can do when they stick together."

isn't that the cutest quote? (thank you colleen)
last week our snow stuck together.
snowman snow!
we get a lot of snow, but snowman snow is an occasion to be celebrated.
and they did.

he sure was sweet!  built 100% by them.  i was warm inside when they made this. they called up requesting clothes and a carrot.  all we had were those cute little snack carrots.  i picked the biggest i could find,  i think it made the perfect nose.
on the home front, the germs are back.
we spent the 3 day weekend indoors trying to beat them with lots of r&r.
that didn't work as well as i'd hoped, but lots of reading, couch snuggling and movie watching was had, which is a win in my book.
still fighting the germs.
thank goodness it is almost february.
this winter it is not the snow that is beating me down, but the round upon round of illness...
i am actually enjoying the snow.


Anonymous said...

I'he just found your blot and have really enjoyed reading through all your posts! What a charming life.....
We have snow too..the pretty kind that brightens everything but we also have the germs which seem determined to stay!
Have a beautiful day and I'm happy to be here.

Jennifer Allison said...

that is by FAR the cutest snowman i EVER have seen. so sweet.

colleen said...

oh maine momma. . . you and those kids are the cutest (and that snowman isn't half bad either). love that you used the quote. so true! us new england girls have to believe that, or we would go crazy.

sending healthy, happy thoughts to your fam.

Anonymous said...

hang in there maine family!! It's been a rough winter. It's got to get better, just has too. This was us two winters back. However your winter snowman made by little is darling and photographed perfectly. I also love the quote you found to go with it. Awesome.


sarah jean, said...

so cute. hope you are all feeling on the mend now.

heaps of love & health (and warmth!!! i saw how cold it is!)


Anonymous said...

We missed our snowman chance in that storm because my friend got into an accident with my car and the day was swallowed up with that. We are patiently waiting for some more snowman snow. This is Maine though, and we have months more winter to go, so I am sure we will get some.