Sunday, March 03, 2013

sewing bug

every now and then i want to make something.
i tried my hand at knitting.
i LOVE yarn. i love knitting images. i love the rhythm of it.
problem is, i never progressed past knitting a scarf (my own issues) and so my dreams of being a super cool awesome knitter were never realized.
then my mom gifted me her sewing machine before she moved south.
i tried a quilt.
i MADE a quilt!
a real honest to goodness, being used every day, quilt.
so i made another one, then i fizzled out.  i can't afford to buy lots of fabric, though new fabrics are pretty sweet, so my sewing machine sat and began collecting dust.  much like my knitting needles.
what i am very good at is buying sheets and pillow cases all from about 1975 at goodwills across maine. i am powerless to resist.  vintage, flowery, colorful, silky soft, fabric goodness.  pillowcases usually a buck, and sheets usually $2.99. powerless i tell ya! it is my kryptonite. needless to say, i have an unusual amount of sheets and pillowcases in my house.  more than any one family "needs", but what i can do with those lovelies is cut them up and sew them into a patchwork quilt.
so this weekend,  i dusted off the old sewing machine and did just that.
i had a little extra motivation, my kids elementary school has its *annual fundraising auction coming up, and this quilt will be added to a basket of goodies auctioned off in 2 weeks.

* if you live nearby, please come to the auction Saturday, March 16th, 2013 at the Ocean Gateway Terminal in Portland from 6-9. Preview at 5:30.
food, fun, festivities
lots of great items to be had!
all benefiting the kids.


sarah jean, said...

love the way you've opened yourself up to sharing of YOU at the new school. so proud of you and i ADORE! what you shot and what you made! wish i lived closer so i could come to the auction. x

Imene said...

What a wonderful way to contribute to the school auction. I am your mirror image I never sewed anything more than square and knitting is my thing.
We could trade ;-)