Sunday, March 10, 2013

wild thing longing for spring

my wee one.
she inherited a hat today, a hand me down from a friend.
she took it out of the bag and happily cooed, "oooh mumma it's a kitty!"
and on her head it went and stayed for the rest of the day.
she declared, "it's my favorite hat." as if she has had it for years.
i think she looks like the most adorable wild thing in it.

we woke to sunshine.
daylight savings day! the good one, when we gain an hour of sunlight at the end of our days.  HUZZAH!
oh how i miss/crave the light in winter.  knowing it is returning feels good.  a huge 60 minute helping of it in one day is AWESOME! 
you can hear a few birds singing their songs these days and the sounds of water dripping as the snow slowly melts. ah spring is near. 

we dusted off the scooters that have been hibernating all winter and drove to a little spot we hoped would be snow free enough to stretch our winter legs. it was, and we did.  the air was cold on our faces, colder than i anticipated, yet still it was good to be out.we came home and made one of our favorite meals, chicken thighs simmered into submission in spaghetti sauce.  so good. still cooking up comfort. i long for summer meals of fresh tomatoes and corn on the cob.

i fear the wild thing above is catching a cold.
have we not endured enough illness this winter already?  i think yes.

happy daylight savings to you and your wild things.


Diane said...

your wild thing is adorable in that hat. hoping she stays healthy.

Imene said...

One more hour of daylight is exactly what I need lately. I hope your little one feels better, she is so sweet in that hat