Thursday, June 13, 2013

love thursday

tilt - summer. by kristin~mainemomma
tilt - summer., a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
oh we have been wet and rainy, and rainy and wet.
we go from 50's - to 90's - back to 50's.
makes me a grumpy girl.
but today we woke to sunshine.
fleeting, but here. one day of sanity sun. ;) hallelujah!
this week i am loving:
peonies (blooming!)
root beer floats (it might be the summer of root beer floats for me.)
there has been the summer of pie
our brand new washing machine that arrived this morning.
(laundromats are expensive! come to think of it, so are washers.)
this video. (the words are so very good, but i fell in love with the dancers.)
4 and a half more days of school !!!! summer vacation is on its way ! wheeee!!!!!!!
the nest of birds we found this morning built in our security light.
lunch dates at home with my man.
my girl's poem:

  "in my heart"

   in my heart lives three baby chicks
   fourteen hippos
   one circus
   and one hundred laughing babies.

                                    -by casey z

happy thursday everyone.
hope you can feel the warm sun and smell the peonies where you are too.


lifeinthewyldewest said...

Hello and happy Thursday Kristin! What an awesome video. Loved every second of it. Thank you for sharing and your little nudge to get through this Thursday. xo love you.


beth lehman said...

fabulous...!! love your new banner... here's to sun! (it's raining again here!)

Ani said...

I think it might be a root beer float summer for us, too! Thanks for showing off my first one...

Also, I think it must be kismet that my float is sitting next to the work of Alice Carrier. I so want to get some artwork on me from her.

gkgirl said...

i absolutely love that poem.