Sunday, June 16, 2013


or in our house "dadda" (coined so by the youngest)
he is the holder of hair of little girls with long hair who happen to get sick
he is the teacher of bike riding on 2 wheels (which just happened again today! the last one.)
he is the pokemon and video game co-player
he is the chess opponent
the comic book cohort 
the 5K teammate
the math tudor
the movie goer
my friend
my love
my teammate in all things
he met me as a single momma of one 4 year old little blonde haired girl, and loved us both.
together we were blessed with 2 more amazing kids, who got his curls.
he is a dadda x3.

happy father's day to my love.
thank you for doing all those things above (that i totally stink at), and so much more each day, every day.
we love you.

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Erika said...

Hope it was a great day!

We still use Dada too thanks to Becks.