Monday, July 22, 2013

sunday story

wow has it really been 2 weeks since my last post here?
summer has a way of filling our days and time flies by.
we have been home, busy exploring some new to us places.
see we like what we like, and sometimes that can cause for ruts.
but we have been breaking out of our self imposed boxes a little bit lately around here and exploring places nearer to our home now in portland.

i L O V E summer, and warm weather, but last week we were stuck in an unusual heat wave for new england standards.  summer here is typically 80's during the day and 60's in the evenings.  no real need for AC.  some ceiling fans and you are good to go.  occasionally a 90 degree day will come and then go, but last week the 90 degree days came and stayed.  and stayed.  and stayed... our 3rd floor apartment got warmer and warmer, almost to the point of stifling by friday night.  we spent the week pulling shades down, keeping fans on high ALL HOURS, and hiding a bit.  we would venture out to cool off in AC wherever we could find it.  we got to swim in a friend's pool. and we chilled out in the ocean too.  but then eventually you have to go home, eat dinner (see i typed eat there, not cook.  cooking was almost unheard of last week. and i cook A LOT. so no cooking means it truly was stifling in our little abode.) i kept watching the forecast like a woman obsessed.  they said it would break saturday with rains.  well the rains never came, but thankfully the cooler temps did. sunday we woke to breezes and sunshine. it was so much cooler i broke out the griddle and made the kids pancakes! (eggs for hubby and i. we are trying a no {low for me} carb way of eating these days.)

so back to my story.
i used to post photos on a sunday in collage form (back in the days of picnic editing on flickr)
images that when put together told the story of our day, "sunday stories".
we love our weekends.  we take our mornings slow. we usually savor a homemade breakfast and then head out on some sort of adventure if the weather is good. nothing fancy, just simple little things that make up a day. i missed making those mosaics.  thankfully now with the age of iphoneography and apps, i can resume this little routine with my iPod. (yay!)

this was our story this past sunday...
    pancakes and strawberries for breakfast.
    a trip to crescent beach state park. a great place to collect treasures and explore.
    and even build a mermaid.
    the kids found crabs, smooth stones, and common slipper shells.
    i found 2 pieces of seaglass, one white, one green.
    hubby read and helped them explore the rocks.
    it was a very good day.

hope your weekend was full of good stories too.


beth said...

such a lovely sunday... i like the idea of 'sunday stories'. we had such a peaceful day yesterday, too. just right. xo

LJ said...

what a lovely blog post!! i like your idea of sunday stories.
i used to blog a long time ago and i kind of miss it but it became a chore and i lived a boring life that i ran out of things to share.

Diane said...

awesome mermaid. love your sunday story redo. quiet day here. ox

Anonymous said...

Your Sunday looked like my kind of Sunday. I love the mosaic and so happy the heat has gone else where. Fully enjoyed your post. You are my kind of gal. Love your friend Tracie.