Sunday, July 07, 2013


a few weeks back i found out The Color Run was coming to our little city.  i was beyond excited and sent the link to my hubby right away. he and kellen ran a 5K last year, and a few of my flickr friends have run this very event in their own towns and it just looked like such a blast! i knew even if my guys didn't want to run it (though i wished they would) i would go regardless and take tons of photos of the day. lucky for me, hubby and kellen registered and this morning we woke up and they got in their Color Run gear, white of course, and retro 70's sweatbands, and off we went.  kellen + his head of curls and that sweatband = pure gold!

they call it "the happiest 5K on the planet"
i have to agree!

 casey even got to throw color on the runners. that made her day!
thanks Color Run!  i sure hope you come back next year.
if you do, casey and i are joining the boys IN the race next time.

so many photos, over 100, so i made a little video...


Anonymous said...

looks absolutely delightful!!!!!

Paula@weewhimsicals said...

Hi Maine Momma. Just stopping in by way of soule mama ~ was excited to see you have a Kellen! I have one, too.... But she's a Kellen Mary and turning 24(?!?) oh my, soon :)
Love your photos and writing :)

Hildegarde said...