Monday, July 29, 2013


friday afternoon we piled into the car and drove northwest to the land of green mountains.
wide open spaces as far as the eye can see.
the most stars i have ever seen in a night sky.
there was blueberry picking, tractor riding, etching names into Pa's wet cement, chicken watching, horse greeting, dog playing, campfire making, s'more eating, porch sittin', conversation and laughter. and that was just friday.
saturday there were blueberry pancakes made from those blueberries picked, a few more tractor rides, saving a baby bird tangled in some netting, then a drive over the mountain to more family, bbq and ice cream.

oh vermont, you are so good.
SO good.


Deb Bradstreet said...

Beautiful photos and memories!

Anonymous said...

vermont IS so good, isn't it? gorgeous photos, maine momma!

Anonymous said...

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DebbieInGeorgia said...

looks like an amazing time, I miss my family up north so much

beth lehman said...

love these so much, k. what a great trip and such amazing scenery.