Sunday, August 04, 2013

sunday story

we headed to the beach early today. it was high tide when we arrived. unusually big waves were crashing. kellen always runs to the water to test it out while we set up our spot on the sand. this time he ran back reporting "it's COLD!" he rarely ever thinks the ocean here is cold, so when he says it's cold, look out!  he wasn't joking. it was frigid, but he strapped on his boogie board and dove right in. we sat on the sand, the sky was clear blue at first and the sun was really strong. so strong it made us actually get up and face the frigid ocean head on. (it made me numb!) kellen enjoyed the bigger waves and even got dumped a few times. jason body surfed a few good waves. casey hung by my side jumping waves and squealing every time her belly got wet. the clouds piled up quickly through the day. by 2 it was looking like rain. we headed home, stopped at a new comic book store on the way, and the farm stand for some corn on the cob to go with dinner, and made it inside our door just before the sky broke open in a big summer storm. it poured sideways! the temps dropped from upper 70's to low 60's in minutes. the air was really cool. we ate dinner and i got the urge to bake. i was craving carrot cake, but decided to make carrot muffins instead. they came out more biscuit than muffin, but they were still tasty. i used up the last of the big box of blueberries we had and made half the muffins blueberry. as we sat to eat one, kellen noticed a rainbow out the window. the perfect ending to a very good day. 
thank you sunday.

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Vickie said...

sounds like a wonderful way to spend a Sunday :)