Friday, September 27, 2013

sweet 16

16 years ago we got all dressed up on a sunny day and promised to love and to cherish one another.
we both had more hair, less wrinkles, and no glasses (we wore contacts) back then.  :)
but with these years & wrinkles, we have gained wisdom, respect,  & knowledge that marriage is work, worthy work. along the way we added 2 beautiful kids to this world and you helped me raise, and were the best and only dad, to the daughter i came with. we have had our ups and downs, our bumps and bruises, but in the end we make it work, together.
we are a team in the best and truest sense of the word.

i think some people might have bet against us all those 16 years ago.. we were young, impulsive and madly in love/lust with each other.  true. true. and true. but here we are, side by side, hand in hand, 16 years strong.

you are my favorite everything.
i am so very proud of us.

happy anniversary my love.
"i do!"


Diane said...

Sweet, sweet love letter!

Susan said...

So sweet! Congratulations and have a beautiful day!

Katie Quinney said...

So lovely, congratulations x