Monday, October 28, 2013

up & down

autumn has taken it's turn toward winter.
the nights are colder.
the mornings are darker.
we had our first frost.
our pumpkins are carved.
seeds were roasted and eaten. (salty was best. i burned the sweet.)
halloween costumes are still being assembled.
my big fuzzy sweater robe has been pulled out and donned while working inside. still holding off on turning on the heat.
most of the color has all turned to that golden brown, soon there will only be bare sticks, "stick season" til we get our first snow... not like i am in any hurry for that.  december would be fine by me.  i like to dream. started to stock up on cocoa. (note to self: need marshmallows!)
what have you been up to?


beth lehman said...

oh, kristin, i thought of you yesterday when i realized all our gingko leaves were down... they were frozen with last friday's frost and fell to the ground without ever turning yellow!! so sad! i'm so glad to see your sunny ones... and i'm trying my best to clean and organize inside, so i can enjoy the hibernation that is coming. and of course i am taking advantage of every warm day to be outside. xo

DebbieInGeorgia said...

Cleaning,purging, reorganizing and painting. Lightening the load before all the winter blankets come out. Our heats been on,was down in the 30's. Your Autumn is always gorgeous. Cant wait to see what the kidos will be wearing for Halloween :D