Friday, November 01, 2013

trick or treat

it was a frosty halloween morning
our super cute harry potter
(dress like a book character day in his class)
silly minion cupcakes for casey's class party
and then treating time in the evening with
our little flapper girl  & "doctor cray" the mad scientist.
kellen drew his halloween idea this year and then designed everything himself.
he said it turned out "way better than his picture!" i think that means he was really happy.
and yes that is all his own hair, just add a whole lot of aqua net and orange hair spray!
casey was practically unrecognizable in her dark wig and mask.
dressing up is SO fun!
it rained all night long, but we joined some friends and we braved the weather together. 
the kids made out like candy bandits because it seemed like we were the only ones out in the rain. 

hope your halloween was full of good treats and no tricks. 


hi my name is leaca said...

cutest harry potter i've ever seen. so cute.

Emily said...

Great costumes!!! My kids love dressing up too...such fun!
I just stumbled across your blog...always nice finding fellow Mainers. :)