Friday, November 08, 2013


309 by kristin~mainemomma
309, a photo by kristin~mainemomma on Flickr.
oh this time of year gets me every time.
the darkness comes so early.
its such a shock to look outside at 4:15 as the sun slips away. my guys doesn't get home til well after the sun has set and it's so very dark.
i'm still adjusting.
it takes me some time.
our first round of germs struck this week as well probably dampening my already melancholy mood. a few teas with honey have been savored on my sore throat. thankfully it seems to be passing. the kids and i all seem to be turning the corner toward healthy. hubby escaped this round (knock wood). now what to do about all this darkness? vit d supplements have begun. new flannel sheets are all washed and on the beds. i need to stock up on some books for me at the library. and source some new comfort recipes to try this winter... new soups or stews... mmm yes.

are you feeling the darkness?


hi my name is leaca said...

yes, i am feeling it. i keep thinking it is time for bed by 6pm and i am a night owl. i normally adjust, so i am waiting for that to kick in. =]

kristen said...

i am and i'm not a fan. which is a little odd as i like the darkness of pre-dawn...truly, cup half empty/full thing i think.

Diane said...

oh, yes, I find the time change increases the shock every year.

andrea said...

the darkness. oh the darkness is hard for me, so hard. I feel you, mama. xo

beth lehman said...

i cannot possibly feel it like you do. i always forget how fast it changes as you travel north. we won't see the darkness this early ever. i always tell myself... the days start getting longer on december 22. and that's not so far away!