Monday, June 02, 2014

hello june

june arrived on a sunday.  a gorgeous sunday.
unfortunately working in the restaurant, or most service jobs, means you work on weekends.
jason made good use of the weather and loaded up the bikes and took kellen and casey to the eastern trail to get casey's "bike legs" back.  she had just learned to ride a bike without training wheels at the end of last summer so she was rusty, but mostly rusty in her mind, fearing that she couldn't do it all over again. she was wrong.  we knew that, but convincing her is not always so easy.  she was up and riding in no time jason said.  her confidence grew so quickly he couldn't keep up with her on foot. i was sorry to miss that, but happy that she had such a good time and gained back that confidence she had forgotten about all winter.
when i did get home from work, we cooked burgers, corn on the cob and split a beer. the perfect summery meal in my opinion. then we packed up a blanket and headed to the beach hoping it wouldn't be too windy.  it wasn't. the sunset was getting that great summer gold color, we stripped off our shoes, cuffed our jeans and stuck our feet in the water. OMG cold!  like really really painfully cold. there was only one soul in the water, a brave surfer fully outfitted in a wetsuit.
it was the perfect day/night to welcome in the summer month.

hello june.
we love you.


beth lehman said...

sometimes when it's unexpected i'm even more grateful for it... sounds like a wonderful slice of time for your family!

Anonymous said...

You always catch my eye! browsing my stream of blogs and yours stopped me dead in my tracks. I love it. I love that I can read bits about your life since I don't see you so much any more....via the awesome workshops I was blessed to be a part of so it's nice to catch up via your blog every so often.

Love your friend

Kimberly June said...

Sounds like a splendid way to kick off summer. I'm itching to get some summer shots of our memories in that yummy golden light.

Cathy said...

I agree with Beth, the unplanned, unexpected is the best. what a perfect night. can you walk to the beach from you house???