Thursday, July 03, 2014


june went zoom!
SO much happened here in june.
end of school activities for one 2nd grader and one 4th grader, full of field trips & art shows
then one very special dance recital for our irish stepper
all the while packing up our townhouse to prepare for our big move into a home of our very own. the first home we have owned in many years. big exciting (a bit stressful) good good stuff, all packed into those days of june.

so hello july!  PHEW
we welcome you.
we are all moved in, mostly unboxed even. enjoying discovering the light in our new space, the yard, fave nooks, etc.  settling in, feeling like ours already. i have some pretty pink roses (yay!), and  a crop of poison ivy (eek!) the yin and yang of home-ownership. 

now that the whirlwind of june is behind us i hope to fill july with as much sand, play, corn on the cob, strawberries, blueberries, salt water and ice pops and i can.
because summer is here!  and she is so very fleeting.

i haven't had much time to pick up my own camera these days, so here's some flickr love showing all the goodness of the summer i love so much. 

happy july everyone!


debs209 said...

So great to hear your exciting news about your new house, (I often think of you and wonder what you are up to!)
Happy new home Kristen to you and yours.May your kitchen be full of dance and laughter and the fruit bowl full of fruit and your garden full of sunshine. Much love x

Caitlin | belong with wildflowers said...

Wonderful to hear about your new home! I hope you enjoy every adventure finding all the new perfect nooks :)