Saturday, June 13, 2015

what i want to remember about 10

10 was...
drawing drawing drawing.
the year you joined band and chose the trumpet for your instrument.
soccer, this year you busted out and scored many goals for your team.
it was the year of our epic winter.
your 5th grade year where you are so well liked and admired by your teachers especially mrs clark and ms day.
the year you took home winner twice in spirit week, once for wacky wednesday and again for throwback thursday when you dressed as a greaser and mr shabo said you could join his band. :)
the very first time you ever kayaked (thank you meredith).
we brought home puppy harper to join the family.
you still own the beach, master wave rider and boogie boarder.
puberty is just beginning (you proudly announced after a shower that you were growing armpit hair... one or two)
you still have that great head of golden curls
and the very best heart of any boy i know.
i am privileged to watch you grow. and and speaking of growing, you are getting TALL, who knows next year you may be as tall as your momma. 

stay sweet dear boy. it is a GIFT. a huge gift that you share with the world.
for your birthday dinner you asked for shrimp and cheeseburgers. daddy said thats the young man's surf and turf. i love that! and YOU.

ten was grand.
cheers to your 11th year!
i love you,


Karna Converse said...

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Cochrane0123 said...

do you use a digitizing service? I just got all the printed photo's from my parent's wedding transferred to a digital format with ScanDigital for their wedding anniversary. It's so nice to not have to watch those photos deteriorate.