Monday, April 11, 2016

what i want to remember about nine

what i want to remember about nine:
  • the year you taught yourself how to do a handstand and a one handed cartwheel 
  • the year you won "most promising dancer" award at your dance school
  • the year you found out you definitely had allergies, no cats or bee stings for you
  • you requested Totoro on your jack-o-lantern
  • you moved up to the advanced Irish step class and tried hard shoes for the first time ever
  • we took our first ever trip to Maratha's Vineyard as a family where you dug clams and actually ate one!
  • you won a bike at school, but then re-donated it to another student because you already had a bike and wanted someone else who needed it more to have the new one
  • you mastered your new snow tube
  • you gave harper thousands of kisses
  • you started middle school (!!!)
  • your great teachers were Mrs Lees for 3rd grade (i think a big fave of yours) and now Mrs Allen for 4th
  • you are an AVID reader
  • you still collect all things tiny.  right now, heavy on the shopkins :)
  • your favorite things: writing, mac n cheese, chicken caesar salads, the color yellow, the song "America's Sweetheart", playing outside, your best buddies kailee and charlotte, dancing, favorite puppy, sleeping in, and laughing 
NINE was mighty fine!
i admire your spunk, your spirit, your brain, your physical strength in that amazing tiny body of yours, your smile that lights up a room, your sense of humor, your kindness.

LOVE you kiddo!


Debbie E said...

Happy Sweet Belated bday to her sweet soul.

beth said...

i love that you do this for your kiddos... (and for you!)!! what a lovely collection!!