Monday, May 16, 2016

what i want to remember about 11

birthday eve is upon us.
my boy's last day of 11.
i think this year flashed by quicker than most. not sure if it's just how acutely i feel he is growing up, no longer a little boy, but a young man. right on the cusp of puberty. i'm sure this year ahead will bring a changing voice, and the year he grows taller than me. i will forever miss the tiny chubby boy with the big round noggin and sweet blonde curls, but now i get to know the young man growing before me, and of course that is a gift in a new lanky package.

11 was...
  • the year of star wars. the new movie and the deepened love of all things star wars. the year you built the lego millennium falcon and Poe's x-wing jet.
  • the year you went away from home for a full week with your fellow 6th graders to Camp Kieve where you climbed rock walls, lip synced with your buddies, ate lots of food and experienced so many cool things all on your own. (that was HUGE on my momma heart)
  • the year you continued to grow in your soccer game, becoming one of your team's lead goal scorers. also the year your dadda helped coach your team. making it an extra special season for you both.
  • you really blossomed as a trumpet player. leaps and bounds from your beginning last year. 
  • were chosen for district band.
  • the year you and your sister stopped sharing a bedroom and created solo spaces all your own.
  • got a new big queen bed to sleep in
  • dressed as a really awesome scarecrow for halloween
  • like playing video games, TF2 was a big fave this year 
  • continued to draw some great art. big nate style is still your favorite.
  • your favorite books are The Land of Stories series
  • your favorite music is movie soundtracks, like Star Wars and The Batman vs Superman soundtrack
  • you love to hang out with your buddies.
  • love to play with Harper.
  • LOVE comic books
  • became really interested in the presidential election, especially in Bernie Sanders, even attended a rally here in Maine and got to see him speak. you did a report on him for English class and even dressed up like him that day.
  • and you are still the best beach bum i know. 
eleven was full of goodness, just like you.
my wish is that you keep your sweetness. I know that can be tough in a world that doesn't always value gentle kindhearted boys. i promise to continue to remind you that that's what makes you you and we all are so much better knowing you. the world is better with you in it.

happy birthday eve my sweet boy.


beth said...

i think i learned this phrase from you, "what i want to remember..." i often use it when thinking about those moments during the day (or year). it's a way of slowing things down and making them stick in our brains!! i adore these lists you make for your kids. happy birthday, mama...!! xo

debbie E said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet boy. Well young man. Who has an amazing heart, who loves so freely, and who lives life like he owns the world! You must be super proud. Happy special day to him and you sweet momma!! He learned from you! xo