Sunday, June 29, 2008

breaking the barrier

breaking the barrier
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this was SO fun. i anticipated it for the past few days. a little nervous. i got to meet a live flickr friend! now maybe this is old hat to some, but this was a first for me. actually crossing the line from computer screen to breakfast. yep, hash browns, eggs, homemade wheat toast at the diner.  i wore my polka dot shoes and she did hers so we would "know" each other . LOL.   i was on a weekend trip to see family and here she lives right there in my husband's hometown! small world. came to meet through flickr and then on to admire her blog as well. i am sure i probably talked too much and too fast.  yet even with the little bit of nerves, it was nice and easy like i had hoped it would be. thank you d. for taking the leap with me. she is quite a talent go on over to her etsy shop and grab some goodies! maybe next time we can have a lobster roll, but one thing is for sure SHE is SO bringing the dessert!!!!

**** more on the rest of our trip to come.  but for now off to bed.

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