Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Salvation army ROCKS!

ok you may want to sit down here.... bad news first; our salvation army is closing. (weeping) so that said i had to get on over and scoop up any last treasures awaiting me. some days i do ok, others i hit the mother load of goodness. today was one of those days.

money spent $10.73 (total)

what i got for that:
* plastic tool box filled with playdough tools
* giant fisher price PIRATE SHIP (!!!) with dinghy
* 2 board books
* 2 pair of fisher price adjustable roller skates (2!)
* mini tonka dump truck
* 4 bracelets and bead necklace for casey or pirate treasure
* pair of jeans, a skirt, and tee shirt for kids
* old school buster browns for casey
* blown glass jug
* daisy juice glass for a vase
* long glass bead necklace (for moi)

again $10.73.
for real.
not jokin'.

i will miss them so.


Diane said...

As if the Buster Browns were not enough!! You got adjustable roller skates, too!!!! WOW.

Congratulations, friend. The thrifting gods smiled on you today...

Anonymous said...

holy crap! thats freaking awesome. i should hit the SA more often. dang.

Anonymous said...

awesome!! i love good thriftin days. so sad it's closing though.

and i must say, EEK! look at your beautiful banner for your blog! I LOVE IT!

kristin said...

thanks meredith. the light was setting, it was just perfect for shooting.

Heather said...

GAWD I love thriftin'. Our Goodwill is amazing. Even more amazing as you watch me try to shop while chasing a crazed toddler through the racks.

Fun times...