Tuesday, September 30, 2008

a week in the life: tuesday

daddy's car is in the shop, so we all got up and drove with him to his work. i sat in the passenger seat on the way up so i could shoot as he drove.  the colors on the highway are really spectacular right now.  i got a cool shot of blurred trees that made the image look like a ghost forrest, and i caught a bunch of birds on a wire.  while in the parking lot of his work kellen spied a heart in the sky, i figured he meant a white cloud that looked like a heart and i could not see it, he kept insisting and being quite annoyed with me that i did not see it as well, but then i did.  rather than a white heart it was a blue one, the clouds had opened up a space where the blue sky was peeping through and indeed it was in the shape of a heart.  ( this pic is in the "heart" of my mosaic today.) originally today was to be a sunny one, but they were,  well, wrong.  we went to my mom's  house and  played a little. we grew tired of waiting for the sun that wasn't to be,  so we went to the beach  for a walk anyway.   nanny found a green sand rake and then a bit further down she found a matching green sand sifter.  these were great treasures for the kids to play with. again i forgot our buckets, you would think i would learn, nope.  so i emptied out my purse and kellen carried that around instead.  we pretty much had the beach to ourselves.  kellen found some rope and along stick first it was a fishing pole, then when the rope came undone it was a pirate sword.  home for naps, then today being tuesday it is our csa pickup day.  only a few weeks left for it this year.  kellen woke and asked to sleep at nanny's tonight, so he called her up and she said yes.  we packed him up, dropped him off, and casey and i went to the farm.  taylor got home from school, and walked bayley.  daddy got a ride home from work, he started the tacos we had for dinner and we had a few choc chip cookies.  i just soaked in the tub, i  rarely do that our tub here is SO small, but i was feeling the need.  it was so nice. i like to submerge everything but my nose and listen to my breath.  mindfully breathe.  well that is about it for today. tomorrow brings a new month and i am starting a 29 day project, gifted from my faraway friend andie, more on that tomorrow.  goodnight.


Anonymous said...

Love these little glimpses into your days :)

Anonymous said...

I too love reading about your day. Makes it feel as if we are neighbors discussing the in's and outs of our daily life.

This collage is beautiful. Love the soft colors and especially love the heart in the sky that broke through the clouds just for your little guy.



Rachel Schell said...

very cool how you do this each week. really love the idea. :)