Monday, October 27, 2008

monday monday

week 8 of andie's and my collab photo project 2 girls~2 coasts~2 clicks.  filling each other's cups full of inspiration and love and friendship even though we have never met.  i do so hope that changes someday and we can actually share a great cup of tea, in her gorgeous china.  

***and funny things casey said today that reminded me, ohhhh blog that you will so forget!!!!  

APPLEPUSS ~ also known as octopus
hony is still going strong. my mom just let her choose a gift and casey chose a set of honies.  "momma hony and baby hony"

and  i think i have documented here her love to dance.  music plays, she dances.  it is just in her.  so her new thing to say is "shake your pits!!!!"  which i giggle at every time.  translated..."shake your HIPS."  pits is way cuter.

and one last thing.  i know you were all on the edge of your seats....(drum rollllllllllll)
the final tally for this years pumpkin festival in keene, NH was 
22,568 jack-o-lanterns.  not a new world record. but still, like i said before, that is a lot of pumpkin guts people. what do they do with them???  hope your monday was happy.


leaca said...

I bet they make great compost. Cute

Anonymous said...

"Shake your PITS"!!! Omg, I busted up laughing over that one. I can totally see your sweet woodland fairy saying that.
How adorable!
Btw, yes we will meet someday. I'm claiming it to the universe.
Much love always friend,

kristin said...

oh see i knew i loved you, now i love you more, "claiming it to the universe" that is just perfect and brings tears (of joy) to my eyes. how wonderful that day WILL be.

Maria Rose said...

I love the photos! Brilliant.

Also, "shake your pits" is hilarious!

gkgirl said...

too cute...shake your pits...

and i LOVE that dip...
really, i do.


Sarah-Ji said...

Oh my gosh! That collaboraction on the photos is AWESOME!!!

And "shake your pits!" That's hilarious!

O. Joy said...

Love that shot! And REALLY love that top cup!!! I must start looking around for something like that!!

Mrs.French said...

I so hope you get the chance to meet too...making friends in this wonderful world of flickr/blogging is such an amazing thing....xo

Tutta la Storia said...

Okay--that's just plain fantastic.

Marjorie said...

Oh, I love the tea cups! so fun.