Sunday, October 26, 2008


today was a good ol' day of sunday rest.  not at all productive.  but that is ok, can't we all use a day to just just be instead of do.  there is always the to do list, never ending mental check lists.  today i crumpled mine up and soaked up some slugness.  my entry way is full of crunched up leaves we keep dragging in on our shoes, nature's little hitch hikers.  they are still there.  toys are still strewn all over my house.  sometimes i think it is nice, it is a happy reminder that little ones dwell and play here.  i did do one task, carved pumpkin #3.  yes, 3.   he better last til halloween!    pumpkin #1 rotted in a week, i knew it was too soon to carve it, but jen was here and the kids SO loved doing it with her.  then pumpkin #2 was carved with nanny but it got left as our "donation" to the pumpkin fest yesterday in NH, so #3 was today.  also took a walk in the woods with c, k, b, and hubby.  caught this little leaf high in a tree. at rest.  then found this proverb...
"the fall of a leaf is a whisper to the living"

and this definition: 
rest: peace of mind or spirit
i so agree.
hope you had a little rest in your day.


MGF said...

I am sure that #3 will make it.

The leaf looks so lonely.

Anonymous said...

Yeah you! I love lazy, restful sundays. So glad you enjoyed yours.
Much love,

Between Hitching Posts said...

This is my first visit to you blog. I am enchanted by your photography. I'll be visiting often

kristin said...

well thank you! thanks for saying hi.

ELK said...

kristin ~ glad you had a restful sunday ...the photo and proverb ~delightful!

O. Joy said...

Those little wayward leaves find their way into all sorts of corners!! wonderful shot.... glad you had an easy day!! Let's hope #3 sees Halloween!