Friday, February 27, 2009

happiness is...

  • so many sweet birthday wishes thanks to the web!  facebook~flickr~bloggers~emails~  i truly could not have been lifted any higher that day,  it was a cloud of love.
  • surprise packages in the mail filled with love for me.
  • fabulous new photo books to devour.
  • nice family birthday dinner with pecan pie and lemon buttermilk cake (yep 2 desserts. lucky girl i am). 
  • a date night with my man to our favorite restaurant  (props to my mom for the volunteer childcare for a whole night!  xo).
  • all the fabulous comments on my birthday post here with GREAT ideas for my "one to grow on".  it will be so hard to choose a winner.  you have til sunday pm to leave me a comment there and win a prize!
  • flare friday equipped with sun.
  • a day that reached 43 degrees. 
  • filling my bird feeder in my bare feet.  (on my deck, but hey this is HUGE people!) 
  • the sound of melting snow dripping off my roof.
  • seeing the fattest robin in my bush beside my house today.
  • feeding the seagulls with toddlers.
  • watching how much they love each other.
yes these have been the last 3 days for me.
nothing but wonderful things.
what a way to end out the week and the month of February.
feeling loved.
i plan on riding this wave straight into march.

happy friday everyone.
may your weekend be a sweet one.  XO


Char said...

what a wonderful birthday - it's always good to reflect how blessed we are. I wish you many, many more such as this.

Amy Bradstreet said...

Hey, sorry I missed the chance to wish you a happy birthday. So happy birthday! I'm so glad you've been feeling appreciated and loved, that's the best gift ever! And look me up on FB, lady!

Grey Street Girl said...

Sounds like such a cool way to spend your special day! Yay for bare feet weather!

Jessica said...

This is a great list and it sounds like your birthday was perfect! Here's to many more days just like those!

Elenka said...

Happy Birthday.
Fore Street is one of our favorite restaurants.
Sometimes we go into just the bar and order up those mussels and bread and wine. yum.

Jody said...

Is it snowing Kristen?

It's snowing down here in NJ. We'll see if it comes out like they're saying =)

Anonymous said...

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