Thursday, March 26, 2009


yep, just in case you were wondering, it may now be official, i have lost it.
case in point.
what do i shoot a photo of today?
my yard.
because there is a melted part that looks like a heart.
yeah a heart.
i see it!
don't tell me its not there.  
and what is more disturbing is all i can think of is a mullet.  what?  yes a mullet.  but i guess in this case it would be a reverse mullet.  

             business in the back(yard) ~ party in the front (yard)
see GONER!  but perhaps there is some hope.  not in my yard,  but across the street.  not sure if it is taunting me or soothing me....  
holy crocus!

some one please send one tropical vacation stat!

happy love thursday. are you seeing hearts???


Anonymous said...

HLT. You can always make a girl smile. Nice dippy too.

mrs boo radley said...

Yes indeed! Just posted a pic of mystery heart-shaped fruit today!

Diane said...

Whoah. You really ARE in trouble. MULLET?! : )

Anonymous said...

Heehee, "holy crocus!"

I am so going to start saying that now.

jenica said...

love the heart.
i need to seek out the love.


Anonymous said...

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