Wednesday, March 25, 2009

good things

things that are good.

this face
and the belly laughs that go with it.
feeding seagulls is pure joy.
the fact that it has not snowed.
my new clock and the little story behind it.
it is a retro moonbeam clock from ll bean.  i have long desired one.  but really,  full price for just a clock?  no not me.  so i just kept on loving it from afar, until monday.   trip to the children's museum went awry due to my poor planning,  so we needed to waste 2 hours doing other things in the old port. why 2 hours?  because that is how much i spent in quarters on the parking meter and i was not leaving until we used it up!  cold be darned.  having parked near the ll outlet,  we went in looking at jackets for daddy.  then i saw a huge display of the clocks.  ohhhhh!  excited,  i turned it over and saw they were 50% off.  i  picked it up and put it down.  then picked it up again and then back down.  hem and haw,  hem and haw.  why??  was i ever going to find it at a better price? no, probably not.   AND i actually needed a clock for my bedroom!  so i picked it up one last time and quickly took myself to the checkout before i changed my mind  yet again.   a woman in front of me was chatting with sales lady and then turned to me and handed me her gift card and said , "here ya go, use it up!"  who me? for real?!? oh my goodness thank you!!!!  and it had almost $15.00 on it!    random acts if kindness do exist.  oh and yes the little glass of m&m's you see there,in my favorite color, a sweet surprise from faraway friends.  isn't that just the bomb?!  (shhhhh! they are almost all gone :)
oh!  another really good thing, working on #7 from the list .  thanks to help from my mom, hubby and i have been enjoying a weekly date night (thank you mom!)  last night we met up, had a quick dinner with ice cream :) , then went to border's bookstore.  this used to be our date place before the little ones.  we would go and roam for hours sometimes.  get a coffee, read some magazines, maybe even treat ourselves to a new book.  but those days of lazily strolling the aisles have been few and far between.  so last night was a treat. i came home with this  book .  it is a cookbook but you'd never know it.  it reads like a great story, with recipes as a bonus.  i plan on making "lisa's scones"  asap!   i think like many, i can relate to the author's love for food and the memories food or a meal can evoke.   often it is not about the actual meal, but rather the family, friends, and stories it is connected to.  molly's book brings comfort in good food and words.   i read some last night in bed and  went right back to it this morning with my cup of coffee.  that is saying something for me.  i really like it.

hope you are enjoying some good things too!


Anonymous said...

That is so cool. Random acts do exist if we actually do them. I need to get this book. It is on my list.

danasparkle said...

the clock is gorgeous. it is always later then we think. pre kids we used to while away many a weekend afternoon at borders too, gr8 reminder to meet 4 a date there

Laura said...

if you like her book, you will love her blog!

Diane said...

Ha! Well, my twin, I have been coveting that very same clock for a long time, too! In yellow, of course. A couple of weeks ago Lucian knocked our clock over and it stopped working and I thought AHA! but then we borrowed Em's clock. A few days ago Em got tired of his lack of clock and took a screwdriver to the one that we thought was broken. The battery had come loose. *sigh* So it's running again. I want to know how that glowy light is for waking you up... : )

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

Oh, those weekly date nights are a treasure!

Reen said...

What awesome luck! How nice for you. I will be purchasing said clock soon too. I was coveting the yellow one Amy has on her nightstand.

c said...

Oh I LOVE the clock story. I need to remember to do that more for other people!

Rachel said...

I've read the intro to that book and almost died.. it was so good. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy.
Congrats on the clock and the rak gift card. I love it when lucky shines on me times in a row. =0)

Anonymous said...

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