Friday, March 27, 2009

happy friday

happy day
happy faces 

just looking at those faces makes me smile.
this week's playlist is completely happy inspired.
mostly brought on by the spring goodness i found yesterday (holy crocus!)
just plain put me in a happy mood.
so happy silly songs this week.

PLAYLIST: WEEK 5 of 52 (#33 on the list)
  • furry happy monsters ~ REM.   one for my kids and frankly sesame street rules.
  • beautiful day ~ U2 .  my bff played this at her reception as their entrance song as man and wife.  perfect.
  • shake shake shake senora ~ Beetlejuice sountrack  
  • khaki swing ~ you know the one.  the old Gap commercial. made me want to run out and get swing lessons so badly! 
  • a punk ~ vampire weekend.  another HUGE hit with my kids.  they can act this whole video out
  • click click click click ~ bishop allen
happy friday
happy weekend
just happy.


Tutta la Storia said...
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Tutta la Storia said...

DRAT that was me! I tried to make my comment into a typey smiley face and it wrecked it! Drat. Happy happy!

Tara said...

Thanks for the happy songs.

The old Gap commercial makes me want to buy some penny loafers... I used to live in those..

Char said...

love your choices - shake senora always makes me laugh. I love Harry Belefonte. Have you ever heard the "3 is a magic number" cover? it's fun too.

littlehouse said...

This was a great post, just at the time I needed it. I may *borrow* the idea, if you don't mind...

Anonymous said...

I love all the shots. Great collection.

Anonymous said...

Love U2 and Vampire weekend. Great playlist and I looooved seeing all those happy faces.

Anonymous said...

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