Monday, June 01, 2009

sweet ride

number one on my list???
vintage bike. (check)
a little rust.   (check)
yeah, check it!  (off that is) 
found my new ride waiting for me on the side of the road for a cool $15.00.  :)
all she needs is a little tlc and a basket to hold something lovely.
ride on.

only the good kind of blues this monday.  
now we are off to find a bench....

a little bike riding music... sing!
  "i want to ride my bicycle
    i want to ride my bike
    i want to ride my bicycle
    i want to ride it where i like...." ~ queen


myinspired♥{sandra} said...

Love it! what a great find!

Tutta la Storia said...

sweet ride!

Vivienne said...

that song was on the radio when i turned it on this morning!!

and how exciting about your 15$ find! seems like a super great score!

clare said...

"Bicycle! Bicycle!"

Rachael said...

it is amazing what you can find when you are on the lookout!

i am not sure how i discovered your blog, but i am so happy that i did. i have been very inspired by your list + am actually writing up my own in celebration of my birthday {a little late since it was may 12}. i hope that is ok!

LeS said...

you. did. NOT!

awesome :)

daniela said...

this totally tickles me you know, and i love picturing you riding it home......because now i know exactly where that is, and that pleases me so :-) xo