Tuesday, June 30, 2009

update: skunk & pie

lol when do you ever get to type those words?  '"skunk & pie"  HA!
skunk smell~ gone.
pie ~ also gone.
***hubby was so right i should have made 2.   :)

i played a fun flickr game just now.  wanna play?
5 easy questions:
  1. favorite color?
  2. how you feel right now?
  3. something you thought about today?
  4. the time right now?
  5. where you are (this can be the actual place or just 'home' etc.)?

to answer these you must go to the little search box and enter a one word answer, then search only your contacts!
have fun!

my answers look like this:
1.yellow~2.hungry~3.sunshine~4. 5pm~5. my fave chair

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

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