Thursday, July 02, 2009

love thursday hey!

{besties: aka dorks}

i figured it was a good day for a catching up post.
i have made some good progress on the list.
  • #1 done, minus the basket to hold something lovely.  i still need to find one of those.  i haven't gotten much riding in except for up and down our block a few times.  the brake lines need replacing.  so a little tlc and i hope to ride her to the beach and back real soon,  that is if it ever stops raining.  and to be quite honest i am starting to doubt we will ever see the warm sun again.  
  • #4  done,  my eldest turned 16 in may and we had a sweet 16 party just for her.
  • #5 definitely done and then some.  earlier this year i met the beautiful dani.  then i got to meet cynthia, joel, summer, cole AND jodi in philly at a flickr meet.  (that was so fun) and just last week i met karen and her crew while  they were vacationing in our wet state of maine.  so i have more than doubled my number from meeting 3 flickr friends this year,  to 7 thus far!  and i still have another 6 months til my birthday.  who knows how many i may meet by then?   i have a few on the books already.  dawn will be coming to maine in fall, and a possible meet in coney island with a bunch of flickr peeps may happen soon too. then i can also check off #37 by riding the coaster there, and ooooooh and i bet they have photobooths!  we must all squeeze in one if they do, AND i can attempt # 17 (win at whack a mole)  too!!!   
  • #9, take a photobooth strip, complete!  (photo at top of this post)  i got off the train at market east in philly, met my best friend,  walked up the steps to the street, and there to my delight was a photobooth right inside the big glass windows at K-mart no less!  i spied it right away and my best friend and i happily got out our dollars and each bought a strip!  that little strip makes me SO happy.  we laughed SO hard!  it was the perfect find that day.  
  • #16 clicked by the wonderful fun zany cynthia.  thanks girl!  XO  
i also have many works in progress: #8, #18, #33, #37   chugging along... 

 i have also dropped the ball on a few like #7 (date night with hubby)  we were doing great on those but illnesses and life got us a bit off track  i DO so hope to get back to those.  they were really nice and needed.  and # 24 (plant a mini garden with kellen and casey)  i never actually put anything in the ground.  we did a bunch of large planters for our edibles but all this cold rain and no sunlight and they are all now doing the backstroke outside.  :((
i do hope the tomatoes will survive, but root rot seems inevitable.  

it was good to revisit the list today and see i have made some progress.
i also know some things will not come to fruition this year, but having goals or dreams in print has proved motivating and satisfying.  

did anyone else make a list? 
finding time to squeeze things in? 
happy love thursday!  XO


Char said...

we had a rainy month in may that completely took out my little herb garden I planted. so sad.

yay for your list though. lately mine is just focused on getting a job.

Grey Street Girl said...

Congrats on making so much progress! I have a list, but it doesn't have anything fun on it. It's just stuff like lose weight and fix up my condo. :( I think you've inspired me to add some fun!

Anonymous said...

how did i miss that photobooth photo! that's divine :)

kristin said...

yeah i need to lose weight too yada yada yada.... you are right add some fun and who knows what may happen??

daniela said...

i LOVE having a list. the process of coming up with one really helped me to find my inner voice again. you're doing great on yours! and i love that i could be a part of it :-) xo

Alicia said...

posted my list today... of all the things i want to get done before next july! :)

Alicia said... (here's a link)

Anonymous said...

Wow.. feels very happy to go through this blog...
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