Monday, February 08, 2010

his day

happy birthday to my hubby
their daddy
our provider
my partner
their superhero ~ shoulder ride ~ storybook reader ~ chase partner ~ pizza maker
and yes even occasional painter of finger nails.

one chocolate cake with chocolate frosting &  lots of hugs and kisses coming his way today.
happy birthday we love you,


vivienne said...

this is so beautiful kristin!

Emom said...

So very sweet! smiles.

Nic said...

happy birthday maine papa!

these collage is heartwarming.... so much LOVE!


ELK said...

i forgot he shares a bd with my daughter...wonderful people born on this day ~blessings with frosting today!!

gonzomama said...

hope you all have a wonderful day celebrating!
happy birthday to maine papa!

beth said...

this is so are so lucky and so is he !

Karen L R said...

good Papas are a true blessing.

Hay said...

Yay, Happy birthday J!