Thursday, July 01, 2010

finding our rhythm again

since being home from our trip i have found it hard to find a rhythm to our days.   
i decided to let go of my 365 on day 177.  just was feeling it was time.
both kiddos got sick , maybe summer colds or perhaps even eye infections from all that pond play?  
all of us missing all the great fun we had in vermont and friends to be with.
then yesterday i went outside with k & c to get some fresh air and sunshine.  i looked up and saw this cloud.  i immediately ran back indoors for my camera to capture the heart.  funny thing with clouds is everyone sees something different in them.  when i loaded the picture on my computer this morning casey exclaimed, "LOOK MUMMAH, A CHICKEN!"  (insert her giggling).  and though i had not seen the chicken at first,  i sure do now.  that just makes me smile.  a chicken heart in the sky.
happy love thursday everyone.
tonight are the first fireworks on our beach this summer.  
we are hoping for clear skies and clearer eyes to see them with tonight.  


Maegan Beishline said...

We have been having a lot of the same here since we got back from Maine! But finally I think we are all beginning to get back in our groove. I think it's completely okay to mourn the end of an amazingly good trip. xoxo

Kylie said...

I too just gave up my 365 a few days ago ... having completed one last year, i feel okay about giving it up. I just wasn't inspired by it any-more.
Love the heart ... or chicken ... my 3 year old is sitting next to me, just asked her what it was - after she said "a cloud silly, hehe!" she said it looks like a chicken too :o)